Halloween how to

I actually had a request for how to make a mushroom costume!  Here are some pics that make things more clear.  Happy Crafting.


This is one of those metal mesh domes you get to keep the flies off your picnic food.  I think I got mine at Walgreens a few years ago.  I sacrificed it for the mushroom.


I used a circular foam cushion and cut the middle out.  Then this was placed inside the mesh dome.

I then covered the dome with a bit of felt to make it smooth and a layer of fabric that was gathered and tucked inside this foam cushion.  I made the hole in the cushion a little small so that it stays on with pressure.  Doodle wore it all day long very happily.


In this pic you can see how I had gathered the fabric and glued it inside the foam cushion.  I may have stitched things down inside the hat- I can’t remember.

This year he wants to be a Jellyfish Ghost  ??? Guess I better get to work.



Polo Anyone?


I gave the polo shirt pattern another go.



“Why yes, I am riding a princess bike.  What of it??


So, it started as an old t-shirt.  It was such a great print I thought it needed a second life.


I like to use the hem that is in the t-shirts already.  That way I gain more length for the shirt I am making. Image

 I once again used the t-shirts ribbed neck at the center front and added a double button detail .

Purple Rain

I decided to try making a simple polo shirt from an old men’s t-shirt.  This is my first go.  It needs a little help- especially the collar shape.  But for a first try it isn’t to bad.   I had some silly purple hippo buttons I stuck on for fun.  The rib from the t-shirt neck made the placket and the button holes.  I also used the existing hem on the shirt to create the hem on the polo.

Luckily things aren’t to clear in the picture.  I need to tweek things.  My sewing machine did not like this fabric!  It was an old American Apparel poly/cotton knit and kept causing the bobbin thread tension to be off.  I even put a ball point needle on! I love my machine ( a Bernina 1020 that is 20 years old this year!)  but it might need a touch of maintenance??  Oh well, on to the next one.

spring time


Made these pants from some fabric Doodle picked out.  I managed to mess up matching the stripes so I had to add a racing stripe to the sides.  Kind of camoflages my mistake.  The size is pretty good but I need to work on the pattern in general.

Don’t worry he got a hair cut very soon after this!

Dream Job

There is this groovy building up the road from us.  I keep fantasizing that I could redo the place and make it an office.  Of course,  I might need to come up with a business.  The windows are huge and the light inside would be fantastic.  For now I kind of love driving by and imagining it with a coat of paint and a really great sign.




It used to be a florist.  I think the sign was even there until the wind storm in December that blew everything down.  It looks like it has been empty for awhile.  It still has a few old fixtures and the flower cooler.

It is right up the street from me.  The idea of a 5 minute commute in Los Angeles…………………………think of all the extra sleep I would get.


New – Old Jacket

I decided to try knocking off an old jacket of mine from the 70’s.  It is kind of a crazy print and the shape is good.

My Original Jacket

Original Jacket 1970's

I had to make the pattern a bit larger and did  a trial run with fabric I had around.

New Improved Version

Doodle didn’t like the elastic around the cuff so I took it out.  I need to work a few kinks out.  I think I will add some pockets to the side seams.  The original had one pocket.  The hood is also very shallow, I think  I should revise this.   I need to work on my eyelets because this type doesn’t work very well (cheapies from Michael’s).   

I need to do some work on my zipper .  It has been a LONG time since I  put a zipper in!   I am hoping to make another jacket out of this Melody Miller, Ruby Star Rising for KOKKA.  I found a bright orange flannel for the lining.  Now I just have to make pattern changes and get it done.

Transistor Radio Print and Orange Flannel Lining

Work in Progress

Doodle has a vintage sweater I love so I decided to try making a copy.  This is my prototype so it isn’t finished and it is kind of hacked together while I figure things out.

I used some knit fabric I had left over from Michael Levine.  The train fabric is  Etsuko Furuya for Kokka (Echino).  I bought some fat quarters that are transportation themed and they are the perfect size for this project.

I still have to finish the edging around the front and add buttons and make the cuffs a little wider.  It was a bit of a challenge with out a serger but it came together ok.  The back is solid color knit .  The sleeves are raglan which are not my favorite but they work well on this garment.  Please ignore the bedhead and the messy rooom.

Belated Valentines



Doodle designed this nice shirt for his party at school.  He cut out the E and the V himself.  Not so bad !  I was  just in charge of sewing.

Presenting Super Mushroom!

Doodle had a birthday party this weekend.  The kids were supposed to dress as superheros or princesses.  We looked at alot of superhero costumes and Doodle wanted to be a mushroom.  Hmmm.  Okay.  I guess I will make a mushroom.

At the party.



They had a magic show that he was very into.  He wore the hat the WHOLE time.  I couldn’t believe it!

Fabrics for the lads

I am always keeping an eye out for interesting fabrics that could make something cool for a boy.  I was cruising my favorite blogs when I found out about Paper Thread Fabrics.  There was a big sale on so I decided to splurge on some  Ink and Spindle knit fabric.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with it?  T-shirt or shorts?  I only have half a yard.

I think the Narwhal is my favorite.